We even DIY our own music!

Well, sort of.  I use the term “we” loosely…  as in “we” actually means “my husband creates his own music while I sit in the background wishing I could sing but I can’t, so I’m left playing the role of support person.”  Yep…

So, with that same train of thought, I figured I would do some shameless “self” promotion!  If you like rock, punk, alternative, goth, glam, songs that are melodic and sing-along-able (yes, it’s a word), catchy tunes, music in general, good things, things that don’t suck, puppies, kittens, rainbows, and ice cream, you will love this!  And if you don’t like those things… well, you’ll like this too!  (We are people pleasers around here, what can I say.)

Please click on the awesome image below to be whisked away to REVERBNATION.com to have your mind blown… in a good way.

... and you're welcome.


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