Flourless Chocolate Cookies

The LAST place I expected to find a winning flourless cookie recipe was on a flour company’s website. No joke. But turns out they do sell some of the other ingredients. Who knew? If you want a gluten free, dairy free fudge cookie, this is it.

Note to my allergy conscious friends — these do have corn in them because of the powdered sugar. Even bags labeled 100% powdered sugar have corn starch in them. Crazy, right? But, wait! You can make your own powdered sugar simply by running your regular granulated sugar through the blender until powdery. Coffee grinders work well for smaller amounts than this recipe calls for.

Click the picture below to be magically transported to the recipe. Then keep reading below for some things I’ve noticed about this recipe.

First, I do not “stir” these cookies. I beat them. I want to unlock some more of that egg white texture. I use my kitchenaid and let it run about a minute, scraping the sides as I go.

Second, it takes more than 8 minutes to cook them through in my oven. Perhaps my oven cooks a little cool, but you can tell when these are done based on the look. The top picture is from 8 minutes in. The inside was undercooked. The bottom picture is 10 minutes in, and it was cooked all the way through. Pay attention to the crackled top.

Third, these are very easily added to. Add chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, nuts, peppermint extract, etc with ease. You can even add some flour (almond is a good one to keep these gluten free) to get a more cake-like cookie. This is now my “base” chocolate cookie recipe.

Fourth, get yourself some Cashewtopia dairy free vanilla ice cream and make yourself the most amazing ice cream sandwich. Never heard of Cashewtopia? Wha? I mean, Daniél just barely posted a spot on review of it at The Best Vegan Ice Cream. And I don’t mean just the most amazing gluten and dairy free ice cream sandwich. I mean the most amazing. EVER. The fact that it is gluten free and dairy free is just bonus. AMAZING. EVER. EAT IT.


9 thoughts on “Flourless Chocolate Cookies

  1. You hit a home-run again with this. I continue to pass your tips on to my friends and family. Perhaps I can meet Danielle and Charlie when I’m in MO visiting Lindsay in early April!

  2. Sorry girls, but I probably spell your names different every time I post! I actually went back to Daniel’s name and STILL spelled it wrong!

    • Can your daughter have dairy? If so, then there’s an easy recipe for chocolate chip cookies on the back of Pamela’s pancake mix that’s amazing. You could replace the chocolate chips with nuts and white chocolate chips, or peanut butter chips, or one of my favorites, nuts and cinnamon chips.

      GlutenFreeGoddes.blogspot.com has lots of amazing gluten free recipes. I’d start there, ’cause I’ve had no failures from her recipes. They are tried and true by her followers, too.

      Good luck! It can be overwhelming at first, but I promise it gets easier!


    • Daniél definite has the ins and outs of gluten free baking. I stay mostly grain free so I don’t experiment with gluten free mixes or flour blends since they’re grain based. I’m working on a coconut flour cookie base, and I’ll post it as soon as I get it perfected 🙂


  3. These have just been added to my favourites list, and I’m going to try and make them asap! Wow, they look seriously amazing. I used to be both gluten and dairy intolerant, outgrew it mostly, but if i can make something good that minimises that intake, it can only be a good thing! Thanks so much!

    • Hey, I would LOVE it if I could outgrow this severe intolerance. I’ve heard a few people say it, and it gives me hope. Even if I could just get to where I could eat it occasionally so I could go to Italy and China (even Chinatown in NYC!), and survive the trip, that would be nice.

      Keep in mind that these are reeeeeallly rich, and very fudge-like. If you like that, then you will love them. (I had some of the first batch Charlie made, then I made some myself for the fam. another time. The kids and I loved them, but the hubby said they just made him wish he had brownies.)


    • They are good and they definitely are rich. I’ve made them for lots of social events, and I end up with an empty plate no matter how many I bring! Let me know what you think of them!

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