Lovely LOVE and inspiration

velo? what’s velo?

I, like every other crafter with an internet obsession, have become a pinaholic. I love pinterest! It’s a social networking and idea sharing website that has definitely upped my game. Instead of crawling through the depths of a Google search to find craft, home, cooking, etc, etc ideas, I can see ones other people think are awesome. It’s the difference between gathering your own vegetables in a field and having a produce box delivered to your doorstep.

The inspiration for today’s project comes from Baby Blackbird and her adorable little one.

Step one

Pick a canvas. It can be any size you’d like. I suggest watching Amazon prices. I often buy packs of 6 canvases for $20-$30 depending on size and the sales that are going on. Using masking tape, write out the word LOVE.

or you could write hate, I suppose.

Step two

Let the kid at the paint. I let this project be 100% kid driven — after the initial masking taped word — but if you see the tutorial on Baby Blackbird, you’ll see that she also used it as a teaching moment for painting with purpose rather than just all willy nilly. There are plenty of ways to do this and they’re all right. As usual, I recommend acrylic paints but, as usual, I didn’t want to deal with any clean up so we used poster paint. If this was a gifting project, I would have used acrylic for sure.

I did encourage Eden to use caution when mixing and overlapping colors so she didn’t end up with a blurred mess.

obviously she didn’t listen

Step three

After the painting is completely painted like so…

this is where I rethink the craft entirely

… and mostly dry, pull off the tape…

um, that paint doesn’t look dry to me. Cheater!

… and hang your new work of art in your home gallery. In our house, we call it the foyer.

Step 4

Go upstairs to upload the pictures, write the tutorial, and waste some time on pinterest. Go back downstairs to hear your 6 year old saying, “Mommy! Look what I made for you!”

I won’t point out that she spelled Edie wrong.

Ok, she didn’t spell it wrong. Just in an unconventional manner. Where in the world does she get that from?


4 thoughts on “Lovely LOVE and inspiration

  1. That’s adorable. I’ll have to try that sometime! The last time I tried to do some painting with my two darlings I spent 15 minutes setting up, only for my eldest to immediately sit in the paint, then sit all over the floor. Butt prints everywhere. (Well, two before I snatched him up and cleaned). Ah, if only he had done that on the board, I could have made a fortune :D. Nice work, and SO cute with the second painting!

  2. Clearly, she enjoyed the project as she crafted one of her own. A future pinner in the making. We’ve made some with shapes like a winter tree and a heart that have turned out well for the younger crowd. Eden’s new project would look great on your orange wall, no?

  3. It does help that Eden is 6, and she’s super focused. I have plenty of art experiences when they were younger that ended with paint everywhere except on the paper!

    Laura, love the idea of using shapes.

    If anyone tries this, let me know how it goes! I’d love to see the results!


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