Spray paint = new vase

I picked up these two vases at a friendly swap. Everyone brings stuff they don’t want and everyone takes the stuff they do want and the rest goes to Goodwill. Or to Charlie’s to-do craft bin. Whatever.

Neither of these vases were my style. I liked the shape of both but the ridges and etchings weren’t clean enough for my tastes. But I knew it was nothing a little spray paint couldn’t fix! I used leftover window frost from when I did our bathroom windows and leftover silver from a long forgotten Pinewood Derby car.

Here’s a neat trick my husband taught me to make spray painting clean — use a box.

Box courtesy of my woot.com addiction

This year’s Pinewood derby cars were blue, apparently.

I sprayed two coats and then inspected to see if there were any thin spots. If there were (the frosted), I filled them in. If there weren’t (the silver), I let it sit a bit longer to finish drying.

The silver one is still not my style so I’ll probably pass it along, decoupage it, or let my daughter the hoarder have it for her room. The frosted one though?

Precisely my style.


7 thoughts on “Spray paint = new vase

  1. This would be a good way to make a nice hostess gift inexpensively. Like Daniel said, they always have vases at thrift stores for really cheap. Frost it, add a candle and tie with a cute bow…viola! I’m going to store this idea away. 🙂

  2. It’s really amazing what you can upcycle with spray paint. I had an ugly old metal patio set that was free so I spray painted a rich blue. Our deck is an orangish yellow (or yellowish orange) so it makes a fantastic contrast. ~charlie~

  3. I’ve spray-painted the exterior of Ball/Mason jars, affixed wide ribbon below the lid, recovered the lid and used them to give gifts for small or loose items. They also make cool flower vases. I enjoyed your post and think your finished glass looks fantastic ! ~Gerean

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