Eliminate Bathroom Odor with Aroma Therapy!

Aura Cacia makes this nifty, inexpensive little essential oil diffuser that plugs into an outlet. It uses low levels of heat to volatilize the essential oils, diffusing their lovely smell throughout the room.

You just drop 5-15 drops of the essential oil (or blend of oils) onto a little pad, and insert it into the unit. It’s very easy.

Here’s where it really pays off: I use mine in the bathroom. Luckily, I have an outlet right by the toilet. Anywhere in the bathroom would work, though.

Bathroom smell be gone!

I’ve discovered the perfect blend that, I kid you not, completely eliminates any nasty bathroom smells. Any. And I have two little boys. And a husband with a fondness for latte brevés and Mexican food. (I, of course am an innocent bystander of bathroom smells.)

The Odor Eliminator:

8 drops of tea tree essential oil
4 drops of lavender essential oil

I tried other blends, and they only mingled with the bathroom smell. This one actually eliminates it completely.

Here’s a tip: The smell can be strong at first, so plug it a couple of hours before you expect company. Or, if you’re like me and you have time management issues, plug it in 30 minutes before, then unplug it when they arrive.

You’re welcome.


4 thoughts on “Eliminate Bathroom Odor with Aroma Therapy!

  1. I have an aura acacia oil diffuser for the car that goes into that kind of round automotive power outlet (remember when those were just called cigarette lighters?). My favorite driving aromatherapy is peppermint. I love to soak the little felt pad and drive home with my eyes practically watering . It drives the “hospital” smell out of my lungs and sinuses.

    • That’s really cool, Jill. I’ll have to get one of those. I am an olfactory person. I like to be surrounded by good smells. With 2 kids, and my car-keeping skills (or lack there of), my car… does not usually smell so good.

      I love the smell of peppermint. That and grapefruit are two of my favorite essential oils.


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