Take no heed of me

This past Christmas, my husband and I made each other gifts in addition to buying each other gifts. That’s right. Not instead of buying gifts. In addition to. We’re gift hogs. I’ll post what I made him later but here is what he made me:

This Thursday? No, Thursday Next.

No, we do not have a Cricut machine. I wish we did! More importantly, my husband wishes we did. He printed out my favorite Jasper Fforde quote on vinyl, used an X-acto knife to cut it out, and put it up in my front room. And for his effort, he re-earned my undying love and a horrible back ache from poor X-acto use posture. Totally worth it.

Who is Jasper Fforde, you may ask. He’s one of those authors that you either get or you don’t get. He wrote an entire novel based on his incredulity that various sized bowls filled with boiling porridge would be at the relative temperatures that Goldilocks found them. Yeah, like I said, you either get it or you don’t. And I’m not sure what “getting it” says about how my brain works…

It's sort of like the 2nd gunman on the grassy knoll.

Now when I sit on my fantastic orange and black couches in my fantastic orange and yellow sitting room reading a fantastic book of any color, this is my view.


PS The fantastic picture of my kids with their noses in books is courtesy of the talented Allison French. If anyone in the KC metro area is looking for a photographer, I recommend her!



11 thoughts on “Take no heed of me

  1. I love that room!

    I ALMOST wish Matt would do this for me, but I’m afraid of what the quote might read!

    ok ok to be fair he made me a t shit that says

    Schon (I’m not sure how to put the two dots above the o)
    to the

    Schon is german for beautiful.

  2. Heather, that’s so sweet!

    I’m not sure how to make the umlaut either. I tried opt O on my Mac but that makes a Ø, which serves me better anyhow since Lars has cousins named Søs and Søren. Wait, let me try Schön. <— worked! But I won't tell you how because I like to remain mysterious.


  3. That really is an awesome gift and a lovely view. I saw it at your house, but didn’t realize the story behind it. Glad you shared!

    • It’s my favorite space in the house. And I have that great photograph of the kids all because of your referral to Allison French! Well, I guess I should give her some credit for her own work 😉

      Actually, I’m going to add her website to the post! I didn’t even think of it since the main point was the vinyl quote.


  4. What an awesome gift. I have a Cricut that I never use. Part of my grand decluttering plan is to have Lindsay eventually help me sell it. I am really looking forward to working with her! (you!)

  5. Reblogged this on three blind wives and commented:

    My cousin has been in town for a week so I’ve been focusing on her. And then she left this morning and 5am isn’t my preferred wake up time, truth be told. Daniél’s post on Saturday about carving out reading spaces made me remember this post.
    Since many of you are new readers, reblogging this post won’t cause too many eye rolls. I now have a second reading space in my house that I’ll blog about some day. I’m all about carving out places to read!

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