Ain’t paying for princess.

It’s unreal to me what people will charge for crafty “plaques” to hang in your home. I think it’s probably worth it if you’re a normal person who says, “oh, that’s lovely! And homemade! Let me purchase it immediately.” If your inner dialogue says, “Seriously? I could make that in 30 minutes with the scrap items in my craft room/wood shop” then, well, you’re at the right blog.

I’m clearly a professional photographer

I hesitate to call this one an upcycle. Yes, I used scrap items I already had on hand. However, they weren’t purposed for anything so I didn’t exactly repurpose them. I saw this saying on a sign sold at a big chain craft store. So I grabbed my handy camera phone, realized the battery was dead, and grabbed my husband’s handy camera phone. I snapped a picture, because I knew I would never remember the saying. I barely remembered I took the picture by the time I got home.

You see, after 3 boys I have a daughter. She’s 6 now and before she even knew the names of the Disney princesses, she loved them. I read Reviving Ophelia when she was bitty, and it freaked me the flip out. It empowered me but also made me realize what I’m going up against as she gets older. I really want to avoid the helpless-without-a-man princess culture while her views of herself and her relation to the rest of society are still forming.

Turns out, she couldn’t care less about the movies. Or the story line. She hasn’t even seen most of the movies and the ones she has seen have been watched once or twice (as opposed to the Toy Story trilogy that plays on an eternal loop). I’ve discovered that the draw of the princess is the clothes, the shoes, and the hair.  She’s all about the aesthetics. Now that? That I can support.

So I know I shouldn’t really worry too much. My influence at her tender age is above and beyond that of Disney, and she isn’t particularly drawn to the parts of princess culture that I reject. However, in the event she does decide that her life is not complete without a man to take care of her, I want her to look up from her bed and see on her wall that she has a man. A man who will take care of her, love her, rub her back when she’s cranky, read stories in funny voices, buy her ice cream if she asks, and will always and without fail treat her right without expecting anything in return. I mean, really. Look at them.

Picture it. Denmark. June 2008.

Materials used

1X4 board

leftover paint from my entryway

Letter stickers

Glitter decoupage

First, I painted the piece of wood. The color is called “chocolate sparkle.”

This one speaks for itself

I initially just stuck the letters on because they’re stickers. The point is to be self adhesive. However, I ended up having to move them around so when I finally got it done, the letters weren’t sticking terribly well. But they held in place well enough for the first coat of decoupage. After the first coat, some parts of some of the letters were popping up. I added decoupage to the underside of anything lifting up and held them down with my finger until it dried enough to be tacky. Yes, this resulted in glitter decoupage all over my hands. And all over anything I touched with my hands. Then I just kept adding layers of decoupage — allowing it to dry in between — until I had the amount of glitter bling I wanted.

To hang, I added those claw looking things that come with frames. Surely they have a name. Ah, they do! Thanks, Google! They’re called sawtooth hangers.

Looking at it, I do think it could do with a little bedazzling. Then again, what can’t? (first comment about vajazzling gets their IP blocked from the site)

Go forth, princes and princesses, and make it your own.


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