Let’s talk mama bling

I’ve shied away from mother’s rings for 2 reasons:

1. with 4 kids, it is hard to find one that isn’t a blingy monstrosity.

2. my kids’ birthstones don’t match.

Ok, reason 2 is lame and weak but it exists. Validate that. Thank you. For the record, my kids are March, August, November, and November meaning their birthstones are light blue, bright green, browny orange, and browny orange. They don’t match on any planet but especially not this one. If you ever came to my house, you’d realize that matching colors isn’t really a huge priority of mine. Colors don’t need to match but values do. Light blue? Bright green? Not happening.

But then it happened. I saw my friend, Erica, with the best mother’s ring EVER. She had 4 stackable rings rather than one big, clunky ring. It was, honestly, the only mother’s ring I have seen that fit my style — subtle, different, non-clunky. And the stones were dots in the setting rather than being the spectacle to which the setting brings attention. When you have such interesting colors to blend and match, it’s really the only way to do it. Any combination of colors will work because of the setting.

Nelle and Lizzy

See? They don't match. But they do.

After searching out the website and sending my husband a detailed email, I got it for Christmas from my husband and kids! Yay! And Lars had each kid put “theirs” on my finger. When it comes to this gift, Lars did doubleplusgood.

(My husband really does love Newspeak. We’re a little dorky when it comes to books. And pretty much everything else.)

By our powers combined

One of the best things about it is that you can add to it at any time. Why invest in an all-in-one mother’s ring if you’re going to end up popping out another kid in a few years? You really never know the path life will take you on. I’m not saying I’m having another baby. I’m just saying that I wouldn’t have to replace my mother’s ring if I did. That’s all I’m saying. Stop looking at me like that.

Room to grow??


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