Keep Calm and Recycle on: Dryer Sheet Alternative

I have a new favorite thing. They’re called “dryer sachets” or “dryer pillows”, and they’re filled with dried herbs like lavendar.

And wook at how cute they are!

I bought some from zJayne, a seller on Etsy. She makes them from upcycled t-shirts. They’re filled with organic ingredients, and each one lasts 9 months, so they’re environmentally friendly on many levels. I mean, I might still buy bottled water from time-to-time, and we use paper plates when we have a party, but now I don’t have to feel guilty about my dryer sheets… It’s the little things that count, right? The really, really little things. Okay, I bought them for selfish reasons; the guilt-lifting eco-friendliness is just an added bonus!

This message was made just for me.

I don’t get how they work, but they really do keep my clothes from getting staticy, and they make everything smell heavenly! I haven’t had clothes that smell good in so long. My oldest son Max has eczema, so we can’t use anything chemically scented. I’ve tried adding essential oils to the wash, but by the time the clothes come out, the smell is faint to non-existent. These dryer sachets, however, leave a lasting smell.

This was so me after my first load of towels.

Do yourself a favor and buy some. They rock!

Oh yeah, and did you know you can compost dryer lint?! According to this “How Stuff Works” video, the worms love it!  That’s life-changing information right there!

Do you know of any other dryer sheet or fabric softener alternatives? If you buy any like mine, let me know how they work for you.


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